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ACX Site Shutting Down Temporarily for Roll-Back

ACX Site Shutting Down Temporarily for Roll-Back


16 November 2013 22.36

Welcome to our new ACX Members and a big
Thank You to our reliable ACX Members for
their constant support and understanding.
Just when it feels like we're over a rough patch,
we hit a bump in the road that required us to
slow down just a bit.  But we are very confident
that we'll be ramping up again very soon.  We
do appreciate your patience!

Roll-Back Requires Site to Shutdown:

As stated in the previous Company Update, ACX
will be shutting down the website for approximately
24 hours while we complete the task of rolling
back the entire membership to the point just prior
to the launch of the WARP Accelerators.  All
accounts will be adjusted back to the status they
were, and no money will be lost on transactions
that have occurred between now and then.

Please understand that this is a very large
undertaking because we have millions of ACX
Accounts.  But we are confident that our highly
experienced IT Department will be able to fix the
error that caused the WARP Accelerators to fill
Panels that were not intended.  All ACX Accounts
will be audited and corrected to insure that once
the site is open ACX will be back to business as

Recent ACX Transactions Will Be Nullified:

All purchases of Ad/Media Packs, Ad Panels,
Accelerators, Gift Cards, Upgrades, etc that were
made in the past two days will also be included the
Roll-Back; it will be as if they never happened.  No
money will be lost from transactions rolled-back.

Roll-Back Update:

More Exciting Features to Come:

For the past few weeks, ACX programmers and
designers have been working on several projects
that will enhance the ACX experience and improve
income earning potential for all members.  A brand
new Banner Advertising program will be introduced
soon, bringing marketing opportunities to take
advantage of our high ranking in ALEXA.  Watch
for more details coming soon.

WARP Accelerator to be Re-launched:

Many members were able to see firsthand the
incredible power of the WARP Accelerators in
providing more control over the speed in which
Ad Panels fill and eventually Complete.  Even
though this "test-run" was a little exaggerated,
the speed of the WARP Accelerators will still be
amazing once the system is corrected.  We are
excited to get them back into the Ad Panel

Errors Being Fixed:

The ACX System is a proven business model that
works.  Sometimes there can be errors in coding
or programming miscalculations, but nevertheless,
the system is powerful and it does do everything
we claim.  When problems arise, we fix them and
make the system even better.  We appreciate your
understanding as we make a necessary correction
in the program.

We will also be correcting a small problem a few
members are seeing regarding the 3% Promo
Packs that are actually paying just 2%.  Nothing
has been lost by members experiencing this
oversight since the 150% full payout will be made.

Thank you again for allowing us to be part of your
financial independence journey.  We are committed
to providing the Best of the Best service and product,
and we will strive to always work in the best interests
of our membership.

Please check the ACX website status often.

Working for your success!

ACX Executive Team

P.S. If you are having trouble renewing your password,
please review the Password Update:

Our fraud department issued a warning that all members
should change their ACX password to protect security of
members' accounts during the same time as the
problems with the WARP purchase frenzy.  We
understand that many members felt left out when they
couldn't get into their ACX account.  But, now members
will have time to reset their password and continue ACX
activities once the website is back up.

For members who still need to change their password,
please review the following guidelines for changing your
ACX password.  The next time you see a message on
the Login Page that says "You have entered a wrong ID
or Password," please consider the steps below:

Step 1 - Click on FORGOT PASSWORD

Step 2 - Enter ID Number or Email Address used for
ACX Account - SUBMIT

Step 3 - Go to your Email and open the email that says

Step 4 - Click on the URL Link in the Email to Reset

Step 5 - In new page that opens, enter a new password

NOTE: Your New Password must be at least 8 characters
long and include at least one of each of the following:

- Capital Letters (as in ABC)
- Small letters (as is abc)
- Numbers (as in 123)
- Symbols (as in !#$)

Step 6 - SUBMIT new password

Step 7 - Go to ACX Login Page and Enter ID Number and
NEW Password


- If you tried to enter an old password multiple times,
you may be required to wait several hours before you
can try again.

- If you don't have your own website domain E-mail, we
have found that Gmail works well for ACX.

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